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Changed my dogs digestion

I’ve struggled to get fibre into my Brittany spaniel as every product seems to make it worse. He can’t digest skins of fruits or seed oils and is very fussy in what he will eat.

But he eats this and takes the loading dose no problems. It’s been 10 days but he is already showing improvement in mobility and digestion with his poops now doing what they should .

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rosie newton
Changed dog

We have a working dog and she’s always been so stiff after a beating day. With this she is a completely different dog

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Deborah Wise
Glossy flatcoat

Hi. Our boy Max has been on the supplement since November. I thought his coat was good beforehand but the shine is amazing. He looks so good and lots of lovely comments. Hoping this will also help his joints as he gets older.

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Clare Roberts

Elite Canine Rosehip Supplement: Organic Joint Support For Active & Aging Dogs 300g

Jelena Williams
Brilliant product

Our dog (pavement special) is now 7 years old. She developed joint problems. It bothers her, especially in winter. Have been giving The Rosehip for the past 2 months, and we can see clearly that she is moving around much easier now. Rosehip is definitely helping her.

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